Accessible Bath Conversion

The Accessible Bath Conversion (the ABC) is an in-home accessibility modification that helps you age-in-place by improving access to your own, existing bathtub.  The ABC provides barrier-free access for your bathtub by creating an twenty-inch-wide opening in the tub's dam.  The opening allows the the step-in height to be reduced to only about four (4) inches, affording you the ease of access of a walk-in shower.

      Accessible Bath Conversion        Accessible Bath Conversion


Twenty inch (20") openingsCustom Sizes
Fiberglass Tubs$695          $75 per each addnl. five inches (5")
Steel Tubs$795          $100 per each addnl. five inches (5")
Cast Iron Tubs$895          $125 per each addnl. five inches (5")

Bathtub Types

Accessible Bath Conversion The ABC works for nearly all tub materials:

and for many different tub configurations:

Accessible Bath Conversion

Scheduling an ABC

Because our process works for almost all tubs, we typically do not need to inspect your tub ahead of time.  Please visit our Prepare for Your Conversion page to see what you can do ahead of time to help make the job go smoothly.

We can usually schedule your tub to be converted within a week.  The conversion is installed within one day and your bathtub will be ready to use the very next morning.  Get the bathtub access you need with minimal down-time.

We have an example of our work in downtown Eugene.  Please contact us if you would like to see the sample tub.  

The Design

The ABC has a unique, seamless design.  It's design allows us to place it where it will help you the most.   It can also be made wider or narrower than the standard twenty inches.   The ABC's vertical dimension can be varied too.   But the objective is to get the outside step-in height as low as possible while still allowing enough of a ledge on the inside of the tub so that tub-water continues to drain normally.  Your existing shower curtain can still be used to keep water from splashing out. Accessible Bath Conversion

Once the ABC has been installed, the tub can only be used as a shower.  But if taking a bath has become a thing of the past because of mobility issues, the ABC can help you shower with more confidence and independence by removing a barrier to entry.

For the elderly, it can mean staying in one's home longer than they otherwise could, because being able to use the bathtub safely can be one of the first challenges as one ages.  Our product effectively and inexpensively creates barrier-free access for your bathtub to assist you in your goal to age-in-place!

Now Reversible for Most Tubs!

The ABC can be reversed for the same cost as the initial installation.  Save the cut-out section and your tub can be restored.  Currently the restoration is only available for ABS plastic, fiberglass and cast iron tubs.  In time, we expect to also have a technique for steel tubs.

Grab Bar Installations


We also carry the following accessories to help make your bathing even more secure:

About Us

transfer bench in use We are a licensed Oregon construction contractor (CCB#195092).  We are insured and bonded as required by law.  We have several years of experience performing these conversions for assisted living facilities, as well as for residential customers.  Our current customers include

We place great importance on the resident's safety and comfort during our work.

We keep noise, odor and dust to a minimum.

When we are done, your bathroom will be as clean as it was before we started the work.

If taking a bath has become a thing of the past, why not enhance your tub's access so that you can use it like a walk-in shower?   Take Back Your Shower!™ We accept all major credit cards. Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover

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